Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to detail missile pod from Balden arms

Hello guys! Since I started modification and customization using Balden Arms, I kinda notice the Missile pod that was included in the pack. Initial reaction it was lame with out the front cover. 

Then it hit me like a raging truck. why not make physical missile heads into those holes to it would look more awesome. It got me thinking how to do this.

Then one day, I realized that the runners (from any kit) mostly have the same diameter as the wholes inside the missile pods. What's better is that runners (i have a stock pile of it) come in different colors.

Before starting, here's what you need:
Hobby knife
side cutter
super glue (cement if you prefer)
Runner or sprue

STEP 1: To start off, we'll prepare the missile pods and lay them out and separate the front cover.

STEP 2: Using the runner/sprue, Cut the sections that match the diameter of the holes in the missile pods. I used red runner for this since it looks nice to see red warheads in a missile pod.

TEST FIT : try fitting the runner into the hole and see how it stays in.

STEP 3: Once satisfied with its fitting, glue it down. Remember, this is just detailing the missile pods, its up to you if you'd like to create and manufacture the whole missile and fit it inside the hole.

After the glue sets in, cut the excess runner. 

STEP 4: Repeat the process for all the holes.

In case, of uneven lengths of the missile war heads, file them down to match the missile pod.

TEST FIT : try fitting the new missile pod to your Gunpla. See how it gives more realistic feel for the missile pod?

Just repeat the whole process for the other missile pod to complete the package.


Ta~da! Missile pod now looks and feels like a true missile pod. Your Gunpla will look more menacing with this attachment.

So until next time :D

For any questions or other issues you'd like me to address, you may message me thru: